It’s still summer

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I have a habit of not posting things when I put it in my folder of “BLOG POSTS”

So here’s a delayed one. My summer anthem from NZ folks The Naked & Famous. Which was featured in the amazing playlist The Transplants II.



Hang With Me

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She just might be the soundtrack to my entire year. And I’m okay with that.

The Transplant II

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Neon Gold has done it again.

B-Roc of the The Knocks is back with some more great tunes. It’s one amazing mix, with dozens of amazing songs. Here’s The Transplant II, contain yourselves my friends, contain.



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I’m going to have to change my underwear. There is a small chance I just found my favourite album of 2010. Yes, that’s saying a lot… but I don’t really care. I had first heard a Ceo (Eric Berglund of Tough Alliance) track back at the end of May, and paid little attention to it as I do most new songs I hear. But today I decided I’d check out the album after hearing a lot about them. It’s a powerful pure pop prowess (now that’s an alliteration!) behind this , and its fantastic. It’s a little bit chillwave with a mix of Passion Pit and a hell of a lot of Delorean. It’s the beach after 6 beers and a joint with the urge to dance however you want. It’s not for everyone, but it does me right.

“Come With Me”

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” (Bonus Track)

Or you could just call it post-chillwave.


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Every now and then I forget about these guys. But then they pop up… I’m so stoked for their album to come out this fall

Wake up

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What a fantastic way to start my day. Neon Gold has posted the debut single for their newest act, Samuel; he’s a New York hidden pop gem. The song “I heart NY” is an obvious tribute to his city at large. With all these songs and movies about New York I find it hard to believe that I won’t live there one day. Check out his track, and keep an hey out for this man.

Keeping with the theme of tributes to your city, here’s one for Vancouver:


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Well looks like she’s done it. There comes a point in musicians careers where they become professionals and you can hear it in their music. That is, when they head into a real studio and avoid their own producing. This can be good and bad. Cocknbullkid has been working on her new album and has just released her first teaser for us which is selftitled ‘cocknbullkid’ she has confirmed it will be on the album but is not an official single. It may not be my favourite of her tracks, but I think its a promising sign of the album to come.