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That’s How We Burn

Posted in electro-rock, Music Video on July 28, 2010 by Seth Michael


I like guitar. I like melodies. I like this.

Jaill is a foursome from Milwaukee that recently came across my radar. Their most recent album was released yesterday (July 27), I’ve only heard a few tracks, but I’m sure it’s got potential. I think they might put on a good live show too. They are playing here in Van on Aug 19th, I may just have to check them out.

Also, they are a part of Burger Records. rad.


The Rabbit

Posted in electro-rock, Indie, Rock with tags , , , on June 3, 2010 by Seth Michael

I’m still on the fence with this song. I love Miike Snow, and thought their debut album was fantastic. Maybe I just expected more, but then again this is just off the deluxe version of their first LP. Regardless of this not being their strongest strongest this video is wicked and is by far the best they’ve done… besides, who doesn’t love an homage to 2 Live Crew?

A few listens, and I feel better about it. I still think it could use some work. I blame this on the fact that I hate ‘deluxe’ versions of albums that are released way after the original is released. I just feel like these tracks could be saved for a later date, or used on the next album. Stop teasing us..

Dear Brooklyn

Posted in Alternative, electro-rock with tags , , , , , , , on February 25, 2010 by Seth Michael

I have an idea. How about Brooklyn stops being so killer and producing amazing music that makes me want to move there. That would be nice. But really, don’t stop because I’m pretty sure I would have small seizures if I was denied the music that has been coming out of there lately.

That being said, I bring to you… Year of the Tiger. A post-rock, electro, dance infused pop sensation, similar to the stylings of another fav duo from Brooklyn, Sleigh Bells. The fantastic duo consists of Sable Yong and Henry Ivry, best friends since meeting at College. You should be aware that Sable and Henry have only been making music for a few weeks (recording the demo in the winter of 09-10, and only popping online about 3 weeks ago), and well, fuck that excites me. After just a short time Year of the Tiger is starting to make a stir in the blogs, and is already generating some label interest. I am pretty much completely infatuated with the tracks I’ve heard, and I can’t even imagine what these guys are going to produce after a few months of recording. Its going to be rad, really really rad. I can’t even tell you how stoked I am for everyone to discover these guys, and have musical convulsions like I.

Year of the Tiger – Get It

Year of the Tiger – Make it Work

Be sure to check out their myspace to listen to their full EP


Posted in Alternative, Electro, Electro-pop, electro-rock, Indie Pop with tags , , , , , , , , on November 24, 2009 by Seth Michael

On stage, their glorious hard-wired gene pool of anthemic indie and stadium techno comes into its own, driving along like a perfectly pitched DJ set, and where other bands might pause to sip their riders between songs Delphic slip into hypnotic driving techno interludes, turning “gigs” on their heads and opening fans all-seeing rave-eyes to the benefits of the breakdown.

I love a band that knows how to put on a live performance, and that seems to be exactly what Delphic does (not to mention make killer music). Delphic sounds almost like Snow Patrol, with an electro beat, and much much better music. I’m not sure I can do just to the Delphic by my words, so you’re just going to have to listen. The trio’s debut album is scheduled to be out in January, and is proving to be nothing short of amazing.

Community Service Announcement

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Jonathan Boulet
Most of my favourite songs I have come to like within the first 10 second of the song playing. That being said, Jonathan Boulet‘s track “A Community Service Announcement” caught my attention immediately.This song really makes me appreciate the drum beat, it almost makes me want to start drumming… which is strange. Jonathan has a great back backing his talent, providing great support for his music. And for some reason the baseline halfway through the song reminds me of the Fraggle Rock theme song, which of course is a fantastic thing.

Boulet hails from Australia, with his debut album out December 4th. After hearing the tracks posted on his myspace, I can without a doubt say that I am more than looking forward to this album. I sense great things.

Check out his lead single, a long with a soothing remix by The Album Leaf.

A Community Service Announcement

A Community Service Announcement (The Album Leaf remix)