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It’s the revival

Posted in Blues, Rock on August 1, 2010 by Seth Michael

After a more than amazing email from my father outlining an epic 1968 encounter with Wilson Pickett, I was familiarized with some 1960/70’s garage rock bands. This email sent me out on a search for some of the less mainstream garage rock bands I was not familiar with

Luke and the Apostles was the band that stuck out the most in his email, a Toronto blues group consisting of Mike McKenna (Canadian guitar legend). The track ‘Make Me High’ almost brings me back to the early 70’s, an era I sometimes wish I was apart of.

Luke and the Apostles – You Make Me High

Luke and the Apostles – Not Far Off

Another Toronto Yorkville area band, The Ugly Ducklings are a band that have continued on throughout the decades releasing their most recent album in 2008. I’m partial to their early tunes.

The Ugly Ducklings – Just In Case You Wonder

The Ugly Ducklings – Nothin’

I’m sure there will be more added to this in the near future

Props to Garage Hangover for mp3’s and info