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Modern Kids

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Here’s the thing.

Arcade Fire The suburbs

This album is really good. Like, really good. No, seriously you should buy it. Perhaps that’s a little too much… no wonder I make a poor sales man. Regardless of my selling skills, the new Arcade Fire album is an ace in my books. I wasn’t in love with the fire’s second album Neon Bible, but I loved their first Funeral, and I feel like The Suburbs is a throw back to the Neon Bible days.

It’s just good I tell you.


The Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)

Quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock



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I’m going to have to change my underwear. There is a small chance I just found my favourite album of 2010. Yes, that’s saying a lot… but I don’t really care. I had first heard a Ceo (Eric Berglund of Tough Alliance) track back at the end of May, and paid little attention to it as I do most new songs I hear. But today I decided I’d check out the album after hearing a lot about them. It’s a powerful pure pop prowess (now that’s an alliteration!) behind this , and its fantastic. It’s a little bit chillwave with a mix of Passion Pit and a hell of a lot of Delorean. It’s the beach after 6 beers and a joint with the urge to dance however you want. It’s not for everyone, but it does me right.

“Come With Me”

Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” (Bonus Track)

Or you could just call it post-chillwave.

Next stop: Freelance Whales – Weathervanes

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Freelance Whales I originally wrote this review after listening to this album for the first time, and while reading it over I was worried I was singing praise to much. After about a week of continual listening to ‘Weathervanes’ I’ve decided that my initial reaction was correct. Neon Gold said it best..

Freelance Whales are like Arcade Fire for your little sister, only your little sister is in college now and she’s actually pretty cool and has tons of hot friends.

You know the feeling you get when you have a great day, and you just wish it could last a little bit longer? That’s exactly how I feel about this LP, leaves you wanting more. For the most part I don’t really pay a lot of attention to the lyrics of songs at first listen, but this ‘Weathervanes’ had me actually listen to the words being sung along with the many layers of sounds coming out. Freelance whales give us songs with prominent drum beats, with an almost child like feel; sounds of toys and chimes. To me they sound like a combination of Death Cab and Arcade Fire, and surprisingly I don’t think that is a bad thing what so ever. Oddly enough, there are a few electro-inspired songs, which caught my completely off guard but I loved them never-the-less. I do believe that great music has countless interpretations, so I’m having a hard time describing the specifics of the tracks on this album, I think everyone is going to get something completely different out of it. The most compelling tracks for me are Generator ^ First Floor and Generator ^ Second Floor, which are below for your listening pleasure.

Generator ^ First Floor

Generator ^ Second Floor

Let me know if I’m completely off base on this album, but I do think it is something spectacular that most people would probably find enjoyment in.

My Gold Mask

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Okay, so here is my first album review. Bare with me, seeing as I have no idea what I’m doing.

My Gold Mask

My Gold Mask is the self titled debut album from Chicago duo Gretta Rochelle (Vocals, Drums) and Jack Armondo (Guitar, Backup Vocals). My Gold Mask is an intense gypsy pop holding electronic sounds with a post-punk edge along side angelic harmonies (I’m aware that makes no sense, but I swear to god when you listen it will..). Rochelle throws around her vocals without hesitations, sounding raw and strident yet soaring and profound.

The lead track “O My Soul” starts off the album with an upbeat kick. Beginning with a great riff and Rochelle signing into what sounds like a megaphone. Great choice for a lead track, slowly easing you into the intensity that this album is sure to bring. “Bitches” is definitely the anthem song of the album creating a ‘I want to flail and dance like tequila is my blood’ feel. There is a definite resemblance to The Gossip in the track “Monomania” with a heavy bass beat and steller vocals. MGM leaves us with the ballad “A river” constructing a scene of flowing water through a serene forest with an angelic voice leading you down the river. The album left me in a state of utter tranquility, not allowing me to listen to any other music for fear of sabotaging the experience.

“Your Coo Ka Choo”


I strongly urge you to check out My Gold Mask. I can honestly say there isn’t a song that I don’t love. They even have their album available for free listening on their website (and the album is for sale by donations with a minimum of $5). This album has a bit of everything I am fairly positive that anyone can appreciate that creativity and amazing talent that went into creating this album. My Gold Mask is without doubt going to break the molds, and create a huge fan base.

Oh and for fucks sake, as if it couldn’t get better. The Hood Internet decided to remix “Bitches” I think I just died.