Bitch I swear, I’ll go crazy

Edward Sharpe

Last night I had the opportunity of attending a concert of one of my favourite acts right now; Edward Sharpe And The Magnetic Zeros. Going into the show, I had more than high hopes (similar to my feelings towards Florence & The Machine), and without fail my expectations were met. It goes without saying that I wasn’t “sober” for this show, and I’m sure that only enhanced the experience.

The show started off with a song a didn’t recognize, but then was followed by my favourite track off their album, 40 Day Dream… and holy fuck did everyone else in the crowd feel it. It seems to me that at a lot of shows only half the crowd really gets into the music, like they got dragged there with their friend or some shit. Anyway, this crowd was different, looking around; even during their slow songs I found it hard to find anyone that wasn’t grooving. I believe that the energy the band radiates is key to the success of a show, and being that there are 11(?) people on stage, it was hard to miss that energy. At one point the band stopped during their set because they didn’t know what song to play next, so while their were deciding they just started to jam (amazing!!!!) and then proceeding to play some tracks they had written just days before. Once they had finished up the rest of their set, it was obvious the crowd wanted more, after some cheers Alex Ebert (lead singer) came on to stage telling us the Commodore said they had to finish up at 10:30 so they couldn’t play any more. Then, in true rock star fashion they proceeded to come back on stage for one last tune “Om Nashi Me” were Alex managed to get about 20 people on stage, and then somehow convinced the entire croud to SIT DOWN (we are all aware of the amount of liquid and roaches that are on the floor of the commodore) to listen to the last song. I didn’t know where I was or what decade I was in, I died.


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