Do you remember?

Lately I’ve been diving head first into music and sitting on my floor, doing art and listening to music. What could be better? Anyway, I’ve been digging through itunes on these late nights and discovering music I haven’t listened to, and listening to tracks that first got me into disco and electro music. And of course I come across this track, which was my summer anthem and that I played pretty much everyday… I forgot how great it is!

The Paradise – In Love With You

Back in the day, I never really looked into who artists were and where they came. So since now thats all I really ever want to do, while listening to this track I pulled out all the stops to find out who these boys were. But could I find anything? No, of course not. It seems like this was the only track released by ‘The Paradise’. And since I can’t figure out where they are from our what label they are on, you should probably just enjoy the track as best you can, because who knows if anything else will come out. I think this is from 2003..


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