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Kelis Flesh Tone

I may have just recently mentioned Kelis in a previous post, but she deserves a second post… devoted just to her. There has been quite a bit of debate in the blogosphere lately in regards to whether or not Kelis’ new sound is a step forward or a step backward in her career. Obviously, I think she’s making the right move with the new electro/dance approach to her music. I personally love it when an artist completely reinvents themselves, I believe that art is ever changing and growing, why be a one trick pony and stick to the same shit? That being said, Kelis has reinvented herself quite succesfully in my mind, in all honesty who would have thought that the girl that sang ‘Bossy’ and ‘Milkshake’ would create club-worthy tracks in the same category as Robyn or even Basement Jaxx?

All that being said, a couple more tracks from Kelis’ upcoming album ‘Flesh Tone’ have been leaked. ‘Acapella’ is still my favourite, but following close behind we have ‘4th of July’ and after a few listens ’22nd Century’ is really growing on me, albeit a bit slow to start.

4th of July

22nd Century


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