Thrice as nice

This past week I had the opportunity to go and see 3 awesome concerts. It’s been awhile since I’ve been to a show, the last one being The Dead Weather back in September (also a wicked performance… obviously). Anyway without further ado here is my first ever concert review post!

The first show I went to was a new monday for me, King Khan and The Shrines. According to their myspace King Khan is ‘Psychedelic / R&B / Hardcore’ music. The show itself was great, a lively performance that had everyone dancing. It’s hard not to have the crowd in a dance craze when one of your band members is devoted solely to being a pom-pom dancing fiend. Their music is fun, not something I could listen to on a regular basis, but good tunes for a party.. or if you’re looking to go to a rad show, check them out! Even if their opening band was possibly the most boring band I have ever seen..

The next night I attended The XX concert, by pure chance when a friend of mine ended up with an extra ticket. There isn’t really a way I’m going to say no to a concert. We arrived at the show expecting a really mellow crowd with a bunch of pot smoke in the air. Being that it was a concert, and it was vancouver, there was the odd joint but the crowd; a rowdy and obnoxious group of folks that talked too much and too loudly, was definitely not the highlight of my night. That being said, the opening act really caught my interest. They were a duo named JJ out of Sweden, consisting of Joakim Benon and Elin Kastlander. Their performance itself was a bit lackluster, especially since singer Elin is probably one of the most timid performers i’ve seen, playing with her hair and looking at the floor the entire set. That being said, JJ had some interesting sounds and a few good tracks, just needed a bit of polishing. Now on to the main act. To be honest, I was a little concerned as to how The XX would hold themselves on stage, especially since their music is so placid. Fortunately, there was some fantastic production that went into the show and it turned out really well. The lighting was the most compelling (or blinding) part of the show, aside from the music of course. The affects of the lighting and smoke made the show feel like you were watching a music video and not just some kids on stage playing killer music. Bassist and vocalist Oliver Sim was extremely hypnotizing making you feel as though he was staring directly at you when singing. All in all, the concert was a great time, and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the XX’s performance, especially due to the fact that they recently had a band member leave and had to perform the songs in a slightly altered way.

Finally, we have Florence And The Machine. Oh, Florence, what can I say about you? Well, first off… I love you. I think it goes without saying that I absolutely loved this concert. I went into the show with GREAT expectations, and Florence far surpassed them. We arrived at the venue a few minutes before Florence hit the stage, and made our way to stage right close enough for a great view. Florence walks on and starts banging on the drums, instantaneously chills run up my spin. I find it hard to describe exactly how great she was, the energy she put out towards the crowd was incredible. Vocals are absolutely perfect, sounding even better than the album. I’ve got a video below that will hopefully give you a better idea of how great she was. But I think the best bet is to go to one of her shows as soon as you can, or else you may die a very unfortunate soul.


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