The Return

It’s been awhile since any updates, but it’s time to come out of the shadows and get the ball rolling. So we’re going to have another jammed packed post full of fantastic tunes I’ve had hiding for awhile now. I’m hoping that some of these songs will be on the soundtrack to your summer, as I know they will be to mine.

Wave Machine

First up, Wave Machines’ Keep The Lights On. Reminiscent of the Scissor Sisters, we have a slow paced, yet energetic pop track. I’m pretty sure this tune would be fantastic for a night on the beach, a joint, a bottle of wine, and good friends. Now tell me you can’t picture that!? I’ve listened to this song for the past week every morning, it starts my day off fantastic. Check out their website for a free download of the track.

Galapaghost is an artist that I’ve been hiding from you for far too long. Casey Chandler sent me a few of his demos after reading my post on his friends Year of the Tiger. I’m not one for acoustic, mellow tracks as of late, but he’s got something going on. He definitely has got a Neil Young feel going on, which of course I love. Galapaghost has one track on his latest EP that totally throws me for a loop. It’s called Neptune, and its fucking rad. Adding some synth and drum beats to the song he’s created something more than just the usual acoustic tracks. It’s a direction I’m hoping he takes seriously, it adds a lot more depth to the music, to create a much fuller sounds. It’s also an entirely different genre, so the questions is really, which will he chose? Whichever root he chooses there’s some greatness to come.

Night Waves

Next up we have Night Waves with their track Sweet Carrie, which basically encompass the reason that I love electro and dreamwave music. Night Waves is the creation of Kyle Peterson and Josh Legg who also run the fantastic Binary Blog. I already know that this track is going to be #1 on almost all my summer mixes. Possibly #4 because I believe thats the best song on a lot of albums. Thats all you really need to know.

Yes, that’s Kelis. KELIS. I never thought I would be writing about her, but her single for upcoming album is a step in the right direction for her music and I feel like it needed to be shared. This is definitely a club track, and it probably needs a few listens to really get into it, but lets keep in mind this is the girl who sang “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”. Not only does Kelis’ voice sound stellar but the Acapella has some very catchy rhythm and beats. Also, the video is sexy. Don’t judge just listen.


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