Dear Brooklyn

I have an idea. How about Brooklyn stops being so killer and producing amazing music that makes me want to move there. That would be nice. But really, don’t stop because I’m pretty sure I would have small seizures if I was denied the music that has been coming out of there lately.

That being said, I bring to you… Year of the Tiger. A post-rock, electro, dance infused pop sensation, similar to the stylings of another fav duo from Brooklyn, Sleigh Bells. The fantastic duo consists of Sable Yong and Henry Ivry, best friends since meeting at College. You should be aware that Sable and Henry have only been making music for a few weeks (recording the demo in the winter of 09-10, and only popping online about 3 weeks ago), and well, fuck that excites me. After just a short time Year of the Tiger is starting to make a stir in the blogs, and is already generating some label interest. I am pretty much completely infatuated with the tracks I’ve heard, and I can’t even imagine what these guys are going to produce after a few months of recording. Its going to be rad, really really rad. I can’t even tell you how stoked I am for everyone to discover these guys, and have musical convulsions like I.

Year of the Tiger – Get It

Year of the Tiger – Make it Work

Be sure to check out their myspace to listen to their full EP


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