Try to contain yourself

My lack of posts lately will result into one massive, super-post with a shit load of tunes that I’ve being going mad for. Read on my friends, read on.

Black Belles
In my eyes, Jack White can do no wrong, and he has confirmed my belief with the discover of The Black Belles. It seems as though Jack as found 4 ladies that are the female version of him, well, at least the sound just like the White Stripes, which I believe to be fantastic. So take a listen to their lead single ‘What Can I Do’ off their forthcoming album.


Baby Monster

Big Stereo, one of my favourite music blogs has decided to follow in the footsteps of Neon Gold, and turn themselves into a record label. The have picked Baby Monster to launch the start of their label. I’m not sure I can even begin to explain the extreme love I have for this song, it makes me ‘come alive’. Bad jokes aside, She Comes Alive’ is an enchanting track that is going to make you want to do nothing but dance, dance, dance.


A friend of mine recently introduced me to the musical stylings of her friend Christina Maria. Christina is with out a doubt an artist that I am sure you will be hearing more of in the new future. Hailing from Vancouver Christina Maria released her album on February 15th. Here’s her video for her single ‘Straight Lines’.


yes giantess

Yes Giantess have released, yet another fantastic track. It may just be the best track to come out yet this year. Starsmith, the pop producer behind the fantastic Ellie Gouliding track ‘Under The Sheets‘. Starsmiths pop influences are easily heard on this upbeat, hypnotizing track.


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