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This is far too good to pass up. Like, call up your mom good and say “Hey mom, I heard this amazing band, and you HAVE to listen to them” but then you realize that your mom would much rather listen to Neil Young than a young pop band from Brooklyn. Zambri consists of 2 sisters with lead vocals and a couple boys in the back to support. Pretty sure they are nothing short of amazing. You’ll like them, trust me. They sound like a fusion of Tegan & Sara meets Sleigh Bells. Which I’m not sure is the perfect comparison but it works in my head. Providing us with beautiful pop melodies, infectious synth beats, captivating guitars, and an overall fantastic sound Zambri will give you some tracks to put at the top of your play lists. Have I built them up enough? Try and contain yourselves when listening to these tracks, and don’t be surprised if you hear this remix in the clubs soon.

Zambri – Easier

Zambri – W/Somebody (Death Metal Disco Scene Remix)

Zambri – W/Somebody


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