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El Perro del Mar

I’m almost pissed off that I haven’t heard about this little cream puff of musical delight. El Perro del Mar (translation: The Dog From the Sea) a.k.a. Sarah Assbring has been making these beautiful sounds since 2003. YES 2003, and I only just discovered her. Sarah released her 4th album Love Is Not Pop this past October in the US and April in the UK. El Perro del Mar is a soft melodic pop delight, allowing you to float on a cloud and feel no worries. It honestly makes me feel like I’m in a dream world, and everything is in slow motion, white and peaceful. Sarah is somewhat reminiscent of Lykke Li, which of course is fantastic.  I realize that I sound like a complety hippie right now, but I’m telling you this album will make you happy. If not, you’re most likely the devil. Just saying.

Here’s a little sample for ya,

El Parro del Mar – Heavenly Arms


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