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I’ve been a little slow with the postings lately, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have obscene amounts of music I’m wanting to share. More so overwhelmed with them all, not knowing which to write about first.

elvis perkins in dearland

Elvis Perkins in Dearland gives us a fantastic range of sounds, incorporate many of the great rock n roll stylings. This is the second album from Elvis Perkins, but his first with his back up band. In regards to his first album, Perkins stated “I’d no interest in making Ash Wednesday II. After the dust had settled I was weary, worn and confused about what had happened, especially that people thought it was so personal. I had a talk with myself as to how I might deal with things second time around. Part of this involved making a band record removed from self and giving three other dudes a say. It’s a broader vision.” I think that was a wise choice on his part. The tracks on this EP are great, and provide the perfect setting for a chill night at home, or drinks with friends. I may be a little behind with the release of this album, but my friends elsewhere in the blog-world have been praising it for months. Grab a bourbon, sit back and listen to the great sounds of Elvis Perkins

Stay Zombie Stay



Fuck I love the harmonica! Pretty sure any band should feature a harmonica, I know my band would. If I had one..


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