Take that Miley

Daisy Dares You
Why can’t all 16 year old sound like this? Appearing on BBC Sounds of 2010 will no doubt shoot this young doe into the limelight, not to mention she’s got actual skills. It seems we finally have a teen female musician that isn’t inspired from Britney Spears or N*Sync, citing some of her favourites as: The Kills, Florance & The Machine, Dead Weather, Friendly Fires.

Daisy has an obvious pop feel to her tunes, but I am by no means complaining. As we all know I have a weakness for GOOD pop music. I think this little songstress is going to impress us as the years go on, she is only 16 after all. I predict some pretty great things coming from her. But take a listen for yourself, even though you know I’m always right..

Number One Enemy

Daisy Dares you

Just goes to show that you don’t need to be a talentless Disney starlet to make music at young age.


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