Don’t be afraid, it’s Saturday

Who doesn’t like free stuff? And free music is probably the best ever. UK producer Benjamin Berry a.k.a. Fear of Tigers is offering up his debut album for free! I first heard of Fear of Tigers last year with his remix of Archangel’s “I’m Not The Man For You” and being the fool that I am, I didn’t really look into Mr. B. But thankfully I came across his newly released (Dec. 1st) album “Coccus Snufsigalonica” which has incredibly potential, and proves that Fear of Tigers has got the chops to become massive. If you like disco house with an infusion of 80’s, you may just have a small heart attack with “Coccus Snufsigalonica” offering up track after track of upbeat, electro dance beats that make you want to dance around the house naked with a broomstick. I’m having a hard time being a track to sample for you guys, but I don’t think any of them will do him wrong so I decided to just picked 2 tracks. Either way, get the album, its FREE, and hey, it’s Saturday.. this may just set the mood for your night. If it doesn’t, you’re stupid and I don’t like you.

What Did I Do – Fear of Tigers

Please Don’t Leave – Fear of Tigers

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