Gold & Black

There is something to be said for a band with some obscurity, which is exactly what surrounds London’s newest electro-pop due,  Monarchy . Even their Myspace leaves everything to the imagination. It’s all about the  music though, ultimately it’s everything.. does it matter who’s making it? Either way, its nothing short of steller. There will be mellow electro pop classics coming from this pair.

In February 2010, Neon Gold (responsible for the likes of Passion Pit, Ellie Goulding, Penguin Prison, Mariana & The Diamonds) is set to release the title track “Gold In The Fire”, which is a captivating trance that will place you into a space-like coma. A thrilling track that is sure to please almost anyone that comes across it… We’ve also got an equally as great track “Black The Colour of My Heart” a long with a killer remix of Penguin Prison’s “Funny Thing”. Might I add that since the duo is from the UK, the spell colour with a ‘u’ which makes them pretty fantastic in my books.

Listen and wait passionatly for more to come from this.

Gold In The Fire

Black The Colour of My Heart

Penguin Prision (Monarchy Remix)


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