We could all use a little sunshine.


Delorean is like a breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for something to dance to, clean to, sing to, you should probably check out their EP Ayrton Senna (all tracks listed below). There is little information out there about Delorean(not to be confused with the hard-rock band), but the group is a fantastic pop foursome hailing from Spain.  This is a sunny representation of music, with rock roots and heavy piano layers, creating an extremely uplifting sound. I am a firm believer that music is a direct influence on your mood, and can, in extreme cases, change your life. That being said, I’m not about to say that this EP will change your life, but it will change your state of mind. It will make you stand up and smile, and if it doesn’t make you move just a little bit.. well, I think something is wrong with you.

Seasun https://www.opendrive.com/files?5796037_GAFeZ

Big Dipper https://www.opendrive.com/files?5796034_pVKkF

Deli https://www.opendrive.com/files?5796035_ejE4h

Moonson https://www.opendrive.com/files?5796036_VPUzx


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