Community Service Announcement

Jonathan Boulet
Most of my favourite songs I have come to like within the first 10 second of the song playing. That being said, Jonathan Boulet‘s track “A Community Service Announcement” caught my attention immediately.This song really makes me appreciate the drum beat, it almost makes me want to start drumming… which is strange. Jonathan has a great back backing his talent, providing great support for his music. And for some reason the baseline halfway through the song reminds me of the Fraggle Rock theme song, which of course is a fantastic thing.

Boulet hails from Australia, with his debut album out December 4th. After hearing the tracks posted on his myspace, I can without a doubt say that I am more than looking forward to this album. I sense great things.

Check out his lead single, a long with a soothing remix by The Album Leaf.

A Community Service Announcement

A Community Service Announcement (The Album Leaf remix)


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