Starving for sunlight?


U.S.E. has been around since about 2004, an electro group formed after posing to be a group in a Seatle night club and loving the enthusiasm the crowd had, they formed the band United States of Electronica. The group has a few EPs out and 2 albums, one having been released this August. I’ve heard about U.S.E. a few times but their track “River of Love” really caught my attention. This song has the ability to completely change my day around. There is a complete charm to it despite its a quite obvious tacky/cheesy nature. River of Love seems to almost have an anthem quality to it, a song that could define a moment in your life. Reminds me of a less house version of Daft Punk with a sprinkle of bubblegum pop and 1970’s rock. Part of me wishes I had discovered it back in June, drinks and dancing to this song would be nothing short of amazing. Check out the disco-pop and prepare to dance.

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