Sleigh Bells ring, are you listening?

Sleigh Bells

No your speakers are not busted. That is just the sound of Brooklyn duo Sleigh Bells consisting of Derek Miller & Alexis Krauss. The blown out sound can take a bit to get used to, but you’ll get past the initial shock. Sleigh Bells delivers a stellar performance consisting of hard rock guitars, dance beats and soft vocals. Seemingly this band has popped out of thing air although both have had pasts in the music world, Miller former guitar player Poision From The Well and Krauss having a been in a pop group RubyBlue, a short lived girl group. So far Sleigh Bells has only released a mini-LP but I can only assume that a full album is in the works. Prepare to see this band popping up everywhere in the next few months.

Crown On The Ground

Ring Ring

Infinity Guitars


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