Utter confusion


I can’t seem to figure out what I’ve never heard of these boys til recently. The Scottish quartet Frightened Rabbit is coming out with their 3rd album “The Winter of Mixed Drinks” in March 2010. They may be just another one of your run of the mill indie rock bands, but there is something that stand out about them (possibly the apparent Scottish accent that lead singer Scott Hutchison resonates). Rabbit seems to be a band expanding with no end in sight, starting off with Hutchison as the only member, then being joined by his brother Grant a year later, and then by Billy Kennedy 6 months after and finally by Andy Monaaghan. It is still unknown if they are finished gather members notes lead singer, Hutchison.

Here is the Video for the lead single “Swim Until You Can’t See Land”

“The Modern Leper” seems to my favourite song that I’ve come across from Frightened Rabbit

AH! And it seems the Rabbits have added a 5th member onto the roster for the up coming album, Gordon Skene.


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