Suck it.


I’ve been told by many people that our generation has no originality and stealing ideas from the past to create style and art, that we lack innovation. I think this is total shit, I have to agree that our generation is the most resourceful, inspirations coming from previous decades and fades. But have we not gone and pushed the boundaries? Isn’t art about expression and interpretation? Isn’t all art inspired?

We can look at this years greatest innovative success; Lady Gaga. Now I haven’t been a fan of her recently mainly for her domination of the airwaves, and every other media outlet. And for some reason I just got really fedup with her, when in fact I had purchased the album when I first heard “just dance” back in May of 08′. But I give her props for pushing the boundaries and creating something that has never been done. She is consistently giving us music we’ve never heard, and video’s we’ve never seen, even fashions we’ve never dreamed of. People are singing her praises because she is doing things that have never been done before… or have they? There is no doubt that Gaga has been inspired, among the likes of Madonna, Queen, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and if you look you can see that directly reflected in her work. Regardless, this isn’t about Miss Gaga, every great music to top the charts has been inspired and influenced. Be it MJ influenced by Little Richard, Diana Ross, Bee Gees, or Elvis knowing every single Hank Snow song, or even Madonna praising the works of Karen Carpenter, and The Supremes to helping create her musical styling. One of my favourite musicians of all time; Leadbelly has provided material (which had been adapted for previous sources) for the likes of Abba, Van Morrison, The White Stripes, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin and countless other artists.For fuck sakes, every single musician and artist has been inspired or influenced.

Just like anything else in our society, and music specifically has been developed. Music was not created the way it sounds today. It started with the basics, from literally carving instruments out of bones, to the slow development of tune and the cultivation of songs. These expansions developed slowly, and after thousands of years we have music today.

What I’m getting at is every generation has their claim to fame. We may not be creating a piece of art that you are not able to redirect to a previous time. Alas that is only because you have not been alive forever, ergo you aren’t aware of every creation, every song, every lyrics, every sound, every image that may have influenced these works that we are ‘stealing’ from. We take what we know, and we transform. I believe we will be known as the generation that reinvents. We are taking music, art, fashion, and recreating it. Interpreting and transforming it, while praising those who made the arts what they are today.


2 Responses to “Suck it.”

  1. I totally agree, and it doesn’t stop at just music. Take William Shakespear, his idea’s are not origional. He took what he knew, the story of Antony and Cleopatra for example, and turned into a play. None of his idea’s were 100% origional. Everything has been done before, and it’s been done 100 times.

    But you do have to give people props for taking things that have been done over and over again, and making people look at it in a new way. Except that guy with the paint enimas.. I have no idea what he was going for.

  2. I can definitely say Seth, that you’ve got a great deal of variety in both the music you select for your reviews as well the way in which you express your personal experiences with each blog entry that encourages anyone who might be reading them to explore further to fully appreciate the insight and knowledge you obviously have.
    Everything has a purpose and reason for being. Individually we each decide what that is for ourselves, making it our own creative idea. Especially if it seems new or original.
    For instance there are many young people who when first start to initialize and develop their taste in music will listen to one familiar genre…say electronically produced music, and having never actually heard an acoustic guitar, a flute or harmonica or lyrics that tell a story. Then they hear Jack Johnson or My Gold Mask and think WOW!
    Yet their entire early childhood all their parents listened to Cat Stevens, Harry Chapin, and Fleetwood Mac.
    What goes around definitely comes around and not always reinvented but just re-popularized because theirs a new generation that never heard it the first time around, long before they recognized that the world of music is endless and to develop a passion for all music enhances one’s personal life experience.
    You know how remarkable it can be if your open up to it. Sadly, not everyone is so fortunate.
    Well done. Thank you for sharing!

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