Thats what I’ve been waiting for

Oh sweet jesus. Just as I am about to fall asleep I come across Fyfe Dangerfield and it seems as though there won’t be much sleep tonight. The founding member of Guillemots has decided to explore the solo world with his debut album Fly Yellow Moon, set for January 2010. And oh boy I cannot wait!

The track has a ‘fuck-you’ attitude towards it. And as we know, I love a good ol ‘fuck you’. Fyfe reminds me of the lovely Freddie Mercury with his high-pitch shrills. This beat will get you dancing immediately, and possibly singing along after a few listens.

Do yourself a favor and listen to this. Then thank me. I accept gifts of any sort.. except the unwanted ones.

Fyfe Dangerfield – When You Walk Into The Room

Oh.. and if you’re not firmilar with Guillemots, here is Who Left The Lights Off Baby


2 Responses to “Thats what I’ve been waiting for”

  1. […] Fyfe Dangerfield has released a second single for his upcoming album “Fly Yellow Moon”. I’m not sure I enjoy ‘She Needs Me’ quite as much as “When You Walk In The Room”, but it’s still pretty good. Leaves me more than a little bit excited for the album to be released.. […]

  2. […] is scheduled to come out with his debut album Fly Yellow Moon in January 2010. After hearing ‘When You Walk Into The Room‘ and ‘She Needs Me‘, I expect nothing short of […]

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