My Gold Mask

Okay, so here is my first album review. Bare with me, seeing as I have no idea what I’m doing.

My Gold Mask

My Gold Mask is the self titled debut album from Chicago duo Gretta Rochelle (Vocals, Drums) and Jack Armondo (Guitar, Backup Vocals). My Gold Mask is an intense gypsy pop holding electronic sounds with a post-punk edge along side angelic harmonies (I’m aware that makes no sense, but I swear to god when you listen it will..). Rochelle throws around her vocals without hesitations, sounding raw and strident yet soaring and profound.

The lead track “O My Soul” starts off the album with an upbeat kick. Beginning with a great riff and Rochelle signing into what sounds like a megaphone. Great choice for a lead track, slowly easing you into the intensity that this album is sure to bring. “Bitches” is definitely the anthem song of the album creating a ‘I want to flail and dance like tequila is my blood’ feel. There is a definite resemblance to The Gossip in the track “Monomania” with a heavy bass beat and steller vocals. MGM leaves us with the ballad “A river” constructing a scene of flowing water through a serene forest with an angelic voice leading you down the river. The album left me in a state of utter tranquility, not allowing me to listen to any other music for fear of sabotaging the experience.

“Your Coo Ka Choo”


I strongly urge you to check out My Gold Mask. I can honestly say there isn’t a song that I don’t love. They even have their album available for free listening on their website (and the album is for sale by donations with a minimum of $5). This album has a bit of everything I am fairly positive that anyone can appreciate that creativity and amazing talent that went into creating this album. My Gold Mask is without doubt going to break the molds, and create a huge fan base.

Oh and for fucks sake, as if it couldn’t get better. The Hood Internet decided to remix “Bitches” I think I just died.


2 Responses to “My Gold Mask”

  1. First I have to say that reading your review gave me reason to explore My Gold Mask in depth. Being a fan of female vocalist, I was curious to hear Rochelle’s “angelic voice”. “Dancing and flailing” about to good music, regardless of what’s in my blood is at the top of my list favorite to-do’s, and the idea of a ‘post-punk angelic gypsy’ created gave me the perfect visual and all the more reason to satisfy my ‘intense’ curiousity. I’m totally impressed. Well done Seth.

  2. Seth Michael Says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed it! I feared that I had built the band up too much and that the listen would just be a let down for everyone. I’m stoked that you enjoyed it. I was so taken back by the album I couldn’t contain my excitement when writing the review.

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