Here we go..

So here I am, 1 a.m. on a Sunday night (Monday morning?) listening to Scott H. Biram and I suddenly get the urge to start a blog. And to be honest, I’ve had this urge a few times and I’ve even attempted blogs on fashion and my own personal adventure. They undoubtably failed for obvious reason (the lack of passion). As I’m sitting here listening to good ol’ Scotty and get chills I realize something; this IS my passion. I get a rush sharing music with people and sometimes get so excited I almost jump up and down, which is quite embarrassing at times. Anyway the point of all of this is that I want to share my passion and desire to discover new music. I’m hoping that people will actually read what I have to say, and hopefully enjoy the artists that I promote. Since it appears the Scott H. Biram has ignited this fire in me, we will start off with a song from him

Scott H. Biram – Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue

One Response to “Here we go..”

  1. Yes! I love that good ol’ Scotty did this for you. And I love the rest of the page. You’re my hero of the day.

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